We have streamlined our process of searching for and booking experiences. Prior to searching for and booking experiences, you must first log in to the Visit.org Platform.

For more advanced searching, you'll want to use the Discover section in the left navigation to search based on the type of experience you're looking for (Online Team, Online Individual, Hybrid or In-Person)

Advanced Experience Search

  1. Go to the button in the left corner and click on Discover

  2. Choose the type of experience you want to book

    1. Hybrid Experiences: these experiences have a hybrid component where your team will be interacting with each other in-person and virtually

    2. Online Team Experiences: 100% online experiences for virtual and remote-based teams

    3. Online Individual Experiences: Virtual experiences where any of your team members can participate on their own

    4. In-Person Experiences: Your team will be interacting with each other 100% in-person at a designated location

  3. Please read carefully the experience that you want to book for your team.

  4. Details about duration, capacity, impact area, location, and language can be found under the experience's title.

  5. The Nonprofit fee shows up below the booking button. This is a fee set by the nonprofit to cover the operational costs of the event, please note that the total amount for this fee goes directly to the NPO

  • What You'll Do: Detailed description of the experience and agenda

  • How You'll Make an Impact: Describes how your contribution (your team’s time and nonprofit fees) has helped the organization. You will also be able to see the causes and SDG supported by this experience.

  • What Else You Should Know: Everything you should know before booking the experience including logistics, pre-work required before each experience, etc.

  • Note: All of our experiences require at least 2 weeks' notice prior to the event date and 4 weeks in case the organization needs to ship any materials.

Submit your Event Request

  1. To continue with the event booking process, click on the Request To Book button on the right side of the page.

  2. Submit the booking request form with all the necessary details

    1. Preferred date and time. The times showing up are the times that the organization is available to host this experience in your time zone. This means that if you are booking an experience in the UK but are located in New York, these times will show up in EDT.

    2. Alternate dates and times

    3. Number of participants (must enter a maximum number value, even if you select the option to have unlimited participants)

    4. Any questions or comments - these are useful in case you want to customize the experience or the dates & times that you are looking for are not available. Your account manager will reach out with any follow-ups or updates.

  3. After reviewing the details, select the option Request To Book.

  4. You will be sent an email with the booking request information and your account manager will follow up closely with you and the nonprofit team.

  5. After a booking has been confirmed by the organization you will receive an email with the details of the experience and the RSVP link for you to invite your team.

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