Tip #1: Executive Sponsorship

Visit.org has seen higher rates of engagement when the leadership team participates.

  • Invite the leadership team to sponsor an experience and cause they care about and ask them to do a one-minute welcome at the beginning of the event.

  • Include “Sponsored by” on marketing communications.

  • Allow executives to select their experiences in advance of the company.

Tip #2: Ambassadors
ERGs, Culture Clubs, and HR teams can be your best ambassadors, so we recommend leveraging these groups to amplify your message.

  • Select an ambassador for each event that will be responsible for helping to increase participation.

  • Reward ambassadors by upskilling them with courses, offering first access to company events, etc.

Tip #3: Recognize Ambassadors and Top Participants

Regularly showing employees that you recognize and appreciate their efforts is a simple gesture that goes a long way to make them feel valued.

  • Giving employees a platform to acknowledge their peers; feeling respected and appreciated by their team members will help employees become more engaged.

  • Weekly or monthly, nominate an individual or a department that exhibits core values.

  • Reward employees who sign up first or regularly participate. Reward top participants or departments with a gift card, or company swag.

Tip #4: Promote

Invite and remind employees about the upcoming experiences.

  • Send communications via email, newsletters, company intranets, and internal channels like Slack or Teams

  • View a sample invitation, one-week reminder email, and a 4-day reminder email.

We know teams driving these initiatives are often lean, and we are here to support you. Reach out to your Account Manager with any questions or to request photos, videos, sample emails, or other marketing materials to help increase employee engagement!



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