Surveys can be used to gather feedback from colleagues on future experiences to participate in.

Please be sure you are logged into the platform and click on the icon to access the Survey option.

On the Survey screen, select the Create Survey button. There are two types of surveys you can create: Survey by Impact Area or Survey by Experience.

We recommend creating a Survey by Experience. If you have created previous surveys, you will see the list of those surveys as well as the survey links and the number of respondents. Those surveys cannot be edited however they can be deleted if needed. **The Survey by Experience option is currently only available for Online Team Experiences**

Give your survey a title and select either the Online Team Experiences option or My Favorites. If you have previously selected at least two favorites, you can create a survey based only on those favorites. Otherwise, selecting Online Team Experiences will show all available virtual experiences that you can select and/or favorite.

Once the survey has been created it can be shared either by a direct link or email template.

Respondents are able to select up to two choices. Clicking on the hyperlink will go directly to the experience page for more information. **If the hyperlink is clicked to view the experience page, it will automatically select that experience**

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