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Do you offer in-person experiences?
Do you offer in-person experiences?

How to search for and find's selection of in-person experiences

Written by Cholo Puno
Updated over a week ago

In addition to our amazing selection of virtual experiences, also offers hybrid and in-person experiences. There are two ways to locate the available in-person experiences on the platform.

  1. From the homepage under the Discover Experiences section, click on Hybrid Experiences (Hybrid Experiences can engage remote and in-person teams simultaneously) or In-Person Experiences.

  2. Click the Compass Icon button at the top left of the page. To expand the Search fields, click on the arrow.

    1. Next, select the box for Hybrid Experiences or In-Person Experiences under the Filters section in the left navigation (you can select one experience type or both).

Once you have navigated to the in-person experiences, you can utilize the search box to find experiences based on keywords.

If you're unable to locate an in-person experience that suits your needs, please email and we'll work with you to find an experience that fits your needs.

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